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Sheer Delight - Handwoven Tapestries
by Doramay Keasbey

Hard Cover, 144 pages completely illustrated in color
Crafts - Handweaving
ISBN - 0-9623468-3-7

Transparencies are woven on a fine warp with heavier pattern threads laid in. When mounted in front of a window, the background threads magically seem to disappear while the pattern seems to be suspended in air.

This is a very pretty book, profusely illustrated with almost 200 illustrations, almost half in color, including a gallery tour of 31 weavers who present a remarkable, inspiring and varied assortment of creations using this technique. Detailed instructions explain how a transparency is woven.

Contents include:

Introduction The Gentle Art of Fine Threads


Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Sheer Delight - A Gallery Tour
Inger Harrison
Birgitta Svedmyr
Carol Bodin
Less Smith
Bunnie Gill
Virginia Jachowski
Gorel Kinersly
Rita Leydon
Mary Leahy
Liisa Rusila
Leena Erkamo-Ylhainen
Kaija Tyni-Rautiainen
Riitta Kostamoinen
Riitta-Maija Hannele Oksanen
Rauha Kokkonen
Eva-Irmeli Oksanen
Pirkko Karvonen
Penelope Drooker
Ulrike Beck
Peggy Clark Lumpkins
Myra Chang Thompson
Jamie Michael
M. Kati Meek
Jenet Sipress
Marie Litterer
Terese Ridgeway
Norma Smayda
Judy Kramer
Betty Williams
Gertrud Parker
Donna Sullivan

Chapter 3
Workshop Notes - Advice from the Experts
Overall View
Choosing a Subject
Designing for Transparency
Preparing the Cartoon
Enlarging a Design
Weaving Steps
Materials for Transparencies
Weaving a Transpaerency
Practical Details from Another Viewpoint

Chapter 4
Finishes and Methods for Display
Lacing Into a Frame
Care of Transparencies