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by Faithe Shaw Nunneley

Soft Cover, 144 pages, illustrated
Crafts - Handweaving
ISBN - 0-9620543-3-X

Tips, hints, and just good ideas help you handle the nitty gritty problems you come across in weaving and dyeing.

Chapters and tables include:

Tools of the Trade
Color is Everything
Design and Fashion
Disasters - their Causes and Cures
Finishing Textiles
Yarn Dyeing is a piece of Cake
Self Leveling Acid Dyes on Wool
Overdyes and Rainbow Colors
Dyes for Silk
Cellulose and Protein Fibers
Dyeing Glossary
Table of Equivalents for Dyers
Equipment and Supplies for Dyers
Measuring Yarns for 5- and 10-gram Skeins
Hue Gradations in Dyeing with Kiton Dyes
Cibacron F
Fiber Reactive Dyes
Inko Dyes
and much more