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The Weaving Book: Patterns and Ideas
by Helene Bress

Hard Cover, 550 pages, 8 in color and nearly 3,000 illustrations
Crafts - Handweaving
ISBN - 0-68415664-4

What a pleasure it is to bring this book to you. The clarity of its writing makes "The Weaving Book" one of the most accessible books on weaving yet published. You feel that the author is right in the room with you. The unsolicited letters of praise we received for the book would make any author's head swell with pride. Here are a couple of examples:

I already own "The Weaving Book." I was so impressed with it, I can't wait for the author's next book. - B.E.

I discovered "The Weaving Book" four years ago as a beginning weaver and have used it as a reference and source of information ever since. I have it right up there with my weaving bible list. - I.C.

The Weaving Book explores the great diversity of techniques which can be used on five of the basic weaves: Plain Weave, Twill, Overshot, Monk's Belt, and Huck. For those who want to use the book by rote, they'll have an incredibly rich pattern book. For those who want to design their own, they'll find an even richer harvest, since Helene so clearly explains what makes the particular weave tick and presents many conventional treadlings, experimental treadlings, and many variations - both usual and unusual.

Contents include:


Notes for the Reader

Plain Weave
Display of Woven Pieces

Plain Twill: Draft A
Point Twill: Draft B
Rosepath: Draft C
Variations on Drafts A, B, C & D
Extended Variations on Drafts A, B, C & D
Twill Collection: Patterns, Treadlings, and Finished Pieces
Undulating Twill
Indian Saddle Blanket Weave
Multiple Harness Twill

Basic Motifs
Enlarging, Miniaturizing and Creating Drafts
Draft A
Draft B
Variations on Drafts A & B
Overshot Showcase: Patterns, Treadlings, and Finished Pieces
Multiple Harness Overshot

Monk's Belt
Draft I
Draft II
Draft III
Draft IV
Variations on Drafts I, II, III & IV
Epilogue: Some Questions and Their Woven Answers
Monk's Belt Offerings: Patterns, Treadlings, and Finished Pieces

Pattern A
Pattern B
Pattern C
Pattern D
Pattern E
Patterns A, B, C, D, & E: as-drawn-in
Variations on Pattern Drafts A, B, C, D & E
Huck Display: Patterns, Treadlings, and Finished Pieces
Multiple Harness Huck