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Word Rounds
A History of Words (Both Medical and Non-Medical)
and their Relationship to One Another
by Barton J. Gershen, MD

Soft Cover, 158 pages
ISBN - 1-886388-16-4

from Word Rounds:

In ancient Rome one seeking elected office was required to wear a pure white toga to indicate his honesty and sincerity. Since he was arrayed in white he was called candidatus from the verb candere: "to shine", thus spawning the term candidate. Some might quarrel with the image in this case.


Dr. Gershen has written a "word Rounds" column for both Montgomery Medicine and Maryland Medicine for more than a decade.

Bravo to Flower Valley Press for publishing these scholarly and entertaining pieces and giving them a wider audience. What fun to read them again.

- Diane L. Briggs, Executive Director, Montgonery County Medical Society


Dr. Gershen's Word Round features are eagerly awaited by regular readers of Maryland Medicine. Witty and informative, surprising and delightfully insightful, they are often the first pieces turned to and the ones saved for later rereading. His puckish humor and the breadth of his knowledge combinei to both inform and entertain. I am delighted that he has compiled these gems into one volume.

- Bruce Smoller, M.D., Editor, Maryland Medicine